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Fashion Friday Don't

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , Keira Knightley , Lindsay Lohan , Paris Hilton

Celebrity Truth: Stars can get away with looking like shit because they have sycophants around them telling them how "great, great, great" they look. Sure these people talk shit about them when they're not around, but whatever.

Average Person Truth: People will gawk at you in the street if you try wearing your skirt as a dress and belt it at your boobs like Keira Knightley. It is possible to turn this inexpensive look around by belting a skirt at your waist, though. I'm sure that Lindsay Lohan's belt is from Hermes, but belting a short white tank top just looks stupid. For the average person a wider belt is more flattering. Ciara's got the wider belt, but it looks kind of cheap and doesn't go with her shirt. She's also wearing every accessory that she owns. If you wear a wide red belt, keep the rest of your look minimal or someone might mistake you for a time traveler from the '80s.

Just in...

...Paris wore this little number to dinner at Koi on Wednesday. She thought it was time to bring out her Minnie Mouse look again.


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