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Happy Hump Day!

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Mischa Barton

I know you all expected for Nicky Hilton to have a perfect body. I mean, she did once call Mischa Barton a 'fat pig.' Revenge is sweet. Nicky doesn't even have to have a perfect body because she's not an actress and her body certainly isn't bad, especially since I doubt that she ever works out. The bathing suit she's wearing is unflattering and one of the ugliest ones I've ever seen. If Nicky would like a toned stomach she should lay off the junk food and try some cardio. Those girls with skinny legs and arms are lucky because it's much easier to hide a flabby stomach. Just buy Spanx like every other Hollywood starlet. Oprah even admitted that she wears them everyday. Though, I'm sure she has a variety of custom made ones--so not fair.

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