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Meet The Beckhams

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , TomKat

Now that the Beckhams have threatened that they’re going to move to Los Angeles, Tom Cruise and his future Cruise wife, Katie Holmes, are all over them. I always knew that they were swingers. The Beckhams newest groupies even went to Salt Lake City to watch David play soccer yesterday. I was trying to figure out what Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes could possibly have in common. Then I realized that they probably talked about hair, diet and shopping like most girls do. Victoria gave Katie pointers on how to shed the rest of her baby weight by eating a diet of raw fish, steamed vegetables and fruit. She also told Katie that if she ever started losing hair from being malnourished, she had a fabulous doctor for hair plugs. Victoria also knew of an amazing tattoo artist! (Too bad that tattoos are considered bad luck in Scientology.) Victoria promised to take Katie shopping the next time that Katie and Tom were in London, since Katie only knows how to shop for shoes. Maybe Victoria was even able to give Katie some sound advice on parenting. I bet the two became fast friends. The Beckhams: Just another FOC (Friend of Cruise) bound for Scientology.

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