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Project Bumway

Part of: Fashion , Television

Don't you think it would be nice if the designers on Project Runway had to design a functional outfit for homeless people as a challenge? They should give back to the community instead of designing for high society women and their yappy dogs.

Project Runway was both exciting and annoying last night. It was exciting because Keith Michael finally got caught and thrown off the show for cheating multiple times. I’m surprised that the show didn’t bring up the fact that he also copied sketches to enter the contest. On Tim Gunn’s blog he explains that all of the judges were in agreement that the sketches were part of Keith’s inspiration book and not meant to come off as his own. Given his history, I have a hard time believing that. This blog here has the comparisons. Keith ultimately got terminated for possessing several fashion books including one on patternmaking that fellow designer Kayne brought to the producers’ attention aka tattled. Keith also broke the show’s rules by using the internet and disappearing for a few hours one time. He was upset because he got caught, but admitted to being a rule breaker in life. Keith also went into a melodramatic rant about how this was going to ruin his life. Believe me, the fashion industry will forgive him and his shallow friends will, too. In fact, they never wanted him to succeed. It’s too bad that Keith’s so insecure about not being perfect that he has to go through life cheating and lying.

The only bad thing about Keith getting kicked off the show (besides not being able to see more of his designs, because he was talented) was that Angela ended up winning the challenge with her Empire State building inspired outfit. (You can buy it here.) I was more a fan of Jay McCarroll’s Chrysler Building inspired dress from the first season. Tim Gunn doesn’t mince words on his blog regarding Angela’s win:

Angela was the team leader, working with Laura and Michael. And I don’t think anyone was more thrilled -- and surprised -- than Angela. But let me be blunt: There would have been no win for her had Laura and Michael not tamed the beast!

Angela bugs me, but DK thinks ‘there’s something about her’. I told him she was like someone he would have gone on a JDate with and ended up dumping after the first date because she was too needy and would have fallen in love with him right away. Whatever, Angela can have her big win, but she’ll never win the competition. I’m placing my bets on Uli who designed a killer dress last week that I want to buy. Let me know when, where, and how much, Uli. I also love Alison Kelly’s designs but she already has a website for her Dahl line here. I can’t wait for next week’s show.

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