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Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Lindsay Lohan , Nicole Richie , Paris Hilton , Stoned!

Now that Aaron Spelling has passed, Tori feels free as a bird to raunch up her image by admitting that she and hubby #2, Dean McDermott, watch porn. Stay tuned for next week's reveal when she'll tell the world that she's dabbled in coke for weight loss among other drugs. [Source]

Paris hasn't been in the spotlight enough recently, so she fed her ex Stavros a bottle of whiskey and took advantage of him. To not appear slutty, she said that they're back together again. [Source]

Nicole Richie, feeling naughty, took off her child's underwear in the bathroom and put them over her jeans. This is what mid-twentysomethings do when they're too old to go to a rave.

Lindsay Lohan needs to stop pissing people off. Now her UK record label has dropped her because she wouldn't fly there to promote her album. Obviously, that would've cut into her pre-summer shopping time for the hundreds of bikinis that she's been wearing, duh! [Source]


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