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The Latest on 'Ana' Watch

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I know some of you are like WTF? I don't even watch Project Runway, so why would I care if one of the designers is anorexic? I am a bit obsessed with PR and only writing about models and actresses gets boring--that's why. Hmm...this is a hard one, because Alison Kelly dresses in a way that tends to hide her figure. I thought, up until I found the picture on the left, that she was normal skinny. Alison certainly doesn't look too thin on the right. She could've lost a lot of weight due to the stress of being on the show. Let's hope so. The skeletal version of her on the left is not healthy.

*UPDATE: OK, I stand corrected. ULI is the one who should be on 'Ana' Watch (not Alison) since she's the one who's in the picture on the left.

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