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Fashion Week Fattie

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Guess Who?
Guess Who?

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DK told me a year ago that "Nicky's going to be a big girl." At the time I was like, "Yeah, right." I mean, she's a Hilton and has access to the best nutritionists, trainers, and drug dealers that money can buy. But Nicky is indeed expanding and there's been no news of a pregnancy. It's too bad that Heatherette couldn't give her a more flattering outfit for the runway--they obviously saved those for Paris. Mena Suvari's outfit and hair are pretty scary, too.

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I'm torn. Usually, I'd feel obligated to defend any hollywood female that didn't look like she was starving.

But Nikky Hilton? That's a tough defending job, there.

maybe a big hilton is a good thing. she can eat all the food that Paris passes on. then she can be Paris' bodyguard.

ewwwww she looks fat as hell

That's ridiculous. I'm more than happy to rag on the Hilton sisters as much as the next person...but comeon! On one hand everyone is up in arms about how skinny celeb's and models are getting, then when a more normal size woman appears you caption the piece "Fashion Week Fattie". Pick a side of the arguement and stick to it.

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