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Get Your own Fashion Stylist/Drug Dealer!

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood

I was getting into reading an article written by former editor of Marie Claire magazine, Liz Jones, about how no one in fashion really cares if models are starving or not, when I came across this sentence:

“I have lived on fewer than 800 calories a day for the past 20 years, and even I can only get a size 0 as far as my knees.”

Oddly enough, Liz Jones saw no irony in confessing this. Unless Miss Jones is very short, there’s no way that an 800 calorie a day diet is healthy. I don’t know why she went through the charade of writing an article chastising the fashion industry for using models at the size that she strives to be. Luckily, I was distracted by this juicy quote from former model and current jeans designer Paige Adams-Gellar about the Hollywood starlet size 0 craze:

"I kept wondering why I would see an actress one week and she would look normal, and the next she would look gaunt, and I found out it is all down to crystal meth [which suppresses the appetite] the latest must-have accessory here in LA."

She also told me the name of the ‘celebrity stylist’ who is now suddenly so in demand, simply because she also acts as the stars’ drug dealer.

Hmm ... Rachel Zoe is the highest profile celebrity stylist right now. Anyone have any other ideas? I’ve mentioned here before that a lot of actresses stay sickly thin by doing drugs, but I never guessed that a top celebrity stylist would be a drug dealer as well. Keep your daughters away from Hollywood.

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Wow,no kidding. That's pretty messed up...

I remember an article in "Allure" some 3 or 4 months ago wherein they were discussing the exact same issue and a "nameless source" also dropped that a certain stylist who was very popular had convinced all her starlet customers to let her supply them with drugs to help them be "sample size" so she could get them more free clothes. Coincidence?

ewwww @ crystal meth

mad gross yo.

Crystal meth so they can wear free clothes? Like they can't buy them? That's fucking pathetic... I hope they all get outed on the front page of People.

Funny how Ms. Richie went from a size 14 to a 2 in about 4 months and she hired Rachel exactly at the same time.

Thank you for raising this issue and exposing this truth! These young women are not thin from diet and exercise; they are using crystal meth, what we here in LA call the "Jenny Crank Diet". I am Grandma-age (came of age in the 60s!) and I have seen crystal meth destroy more peoples' health, lives, relationships, and careers (not to mention the horrible horrible things it does to a woman's skin!) than any other drug except maybe alcohol. I'm not a big moralist about other drugs, but ... meth is the worst health and beauty wrecker.

Just like clothing fashions cycle, so does fashion in drugs. I've seen crystal meth wreck four different eras, four different "scenes" in my lifetime.

A lot of the "War on Drugs" stuff people learn in school is BS. But crystal meth really *is* "after school special" style bad.

ha ha everyone just loves to gossip about fashion the who, why, what, i feel that most of the worlds top designer brands r a joke. they simply dont know what looks good, i bet anyone in the fashion industry that i could design clothing so nice that it would cripple any brand trying to compete i simply do not have resources or funds. when i look at clothing priced out of this world that looks worse than the average homeless person i feel it is my responsibility to change the fashion industry so any designer or anyone to do with todays fashion industry if ur reading this and reconize real email me i need all the resources i can get.

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