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Gwen is a Doll

Part of: Fashion , Music , Television

Gwen Stefani has designed a limited-collection of dolls inspired by the costumes that she wore on her last tour. The collection is called Love. Angel. Music. Baby. and features 10 dolls.

Each 10-inch doll looks like the platinum-blond rocker or one of her Harajuku Girl dancers and comes with Stefani-inspired collectibles such as posters, pocket mirrors or trading cards. The dolls will be available for $24.95 at and other retailers. [Source]
Harajuku Girls are cool. I can't wait to jet off to Tokyo to see them for real. However, I'm not very impressed with Gwen's doll collection so far. They look tres ordinary. I'm much more interested in the next Target GO International designer collection by Behnaz Sarafpour. I am psyched to see Gwen hanging out with Heidi Klum, though. Gwen so needs to be a guest designer on Project Runway.


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