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I See Stars

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , LA , Television
Vincent Libretti1.jpg sofia coppola cannes1.jpg

--I was waiting for the day when I would run into Vincent Libretti from Project Runway Season 3. It happened mid-day yesterday at Trader Joe's in West L.A. I thought for a second about saying something to him: "I loved your designs!" or "You shouldn’t have gotten kicked off PR," but I didn't believe those things. The best subject to bond over was Angela: "I'm sooo glad that you got kicked off after Angela!" But that would have been rude. So, I just watched Vincent for a moment, noticing that he was literally wearing white head to toe and that he looked younger in person.

--Later that evening, I was walking around Montana Ave. and had a Sofia Coppola sighting outside of the Aero theatre. Sofia was wearing a girlie black dress and you could not tell that she was pregnant. There’s a sneak peak of her movieMarie Antoinette screening at the Aero tomorrow night, and she will be there introducing the film. Unfortunately, the event is sold out.

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