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Lindsay Lohan Should Buy an ER

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Think of how weird it would be if Lindsay Lohan was an average 20-year-old who landed in the hospital every couple of months. If her parents were responsible people, they'd put her in rehab or at least have her see a therapist and/or psychiatrist. But given that Lindsay's mother, Dina Lohan, is her manager and allegedly likes to party as much as her daughter, it's not surprising that she waves off these incidents. (Lindsay's father, Michael, is still in jail--enough said.) Poor Lindsay doesn't have anyone looking out for her best interests. She should really employ at least one bodyguard who used to be an EMT. Miss Lohan fractured her wrist at a Fashion Week party last week where she went to hospital #1. Then on Saturday, Page Six reports that she barely made it to her mother's birthday party. Once there, she got into a shouting match with the woman who gave birth to her. She made a graceful exit after telling Dina to "go to hell". Then she flew back to LA where she went to hospital #2. Good thing that Harry Morton is still her boyfriend. He at least makes sure that Lindsay eats-- I assume they have groceries and not bottles of vodka in the paper bag pictured above.

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Poor Lindsey. :( I hope she eventually gets her head on...

she needs a really caretaking boyfriend who can interject when even her mother gets out of hand

that is a mess

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