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Marc Jacobs' Celebrity Muses--Part 2

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , Kate Bosworth , Mischa Barton , The Olsens
Click to Enlarge - Winona Ryder Click to Enlarge - Sofia Coppola
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When Marc Jacobs was on Oprah earlier this year we learned that his celebrity muses are: Director Sofia Coppola (second on right photo pregnant and wearing Marc Jacobs), Winona Ryder (hugging Marc at his after party) and Kirsten Dunst (M.I.A). Who has taken Kirsten's place?

Click to Enlarge - Zooey Deschanel
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Zooey Deschanel is clearly Marc's new favorite. Kirsten's going to be bummed when she can't get her new Spring 2007 Marc Jacobs clothes with a snap of her fingers. Check out the other Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 runway show and after party guests:

Click to Enlarge - Mischa Barton Click to Enlarge - Jared Leto Click to Enlarge - Ashton & Demi Click to Enlarge - Ashley Olsen Click to Enlarge - Emily Mortimer & Kate Bosworth
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