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Mischa or Marcia?

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , LA , Mischa Barton , Television
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The other night I watched the movie (technically mini-series) Sybil for the second time. (BTW: The bonus DVD is amazing). I couldn't help but think of one of Sybil's personalities when I saw the above pictures of Mischa Barton on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I don't know if Sybil's personality named Marcia would have wanted to still kill herself if she had Mischa's bank account. Marcia always wore a scarf over her head and dark clothes because she was always minutes away from death. Mischa looked like death and wore a light colored hoodie in her photos. Sure, she could've been having a bad hair day. My theory is that Mischa was in a Marcia kind of mood because underneath her hoodie was a gross outfit - see the photo below of Mischa sans hoodie, which was taken later that same night at Bank of America on 4th Street in Santa Monica. Worse than that was the dress that Mischa wore only days later at Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood party. Mischa was probably contemplating offing her stylist Rachel Zoe, but was too scared to do it. Have strength, Mischa.

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[Note: The picture on the right contains a bonus picture of another actress.]

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