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Music to Bond to

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Not only does Chris Cornell have a gorgeous face, but a sexy voice as well. BAT reader, Moog Moo, sent us this version of Chris' song for the Casino Royale soundtrack tied to the latest Casino Royale trailer. To hear the song in its entirety go here.

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Holy god, that song is terrible. Hopefully it just gets played over credits. Better yet, just put it on the soundtrack and leave it out of the movie alltogether.

Great trailer though, esp. the full length one.

that song is awesome of course.
i'm even more excited to see the movie now!
chris rules!

Is a perfect adpatation for the book of Ian Fleming

Yeah the song is terrible. Not Bondian at all. It thought David Arnold cocreated the song, then what happened? What is this poptrash? First the Madonna crap then this... When do we get a classic Bond song?

Jury is out. It's NOT Bondian but is a pretty good Rock song. I can only assume that as the movie is supposed to be much darker and rawer than we have seen before the producers wanted the song to be the same! Don't know if it works or not. Be interesting to see what the Titles will be like.

Frankly, the reason the more "classic" Bond songs, even the more Pop oriented ones like Live & Let Die (Wings) or Nobody Does It Better (Carly Simon) have appeal is that as a composition they can be tweaked to a rock ballad, or a jazz riff. They not only play on the radio for the 2 months the movie is in theaters, they still get played (and remade by Guns & Roses in some cases).

Problem with the last few is that they don't work as stand alone songs. Last Bond song that actually climbed the charts was DuranDuran's View to a Kill (by my recollection) -- sad to say. But it still gets played on 80's nights.

Since my ears have been assaulted with acid voice of Chris, here's wishing my eyes are in store for a much better treat on the silver screen.

This song is totally fit for a bond song... times change so does bond... seems to fluctuate between ages though.... lets get bruce forsyth to do the next one... he must be about bonds age. WTF is bondian... ya bunch of saddos

not impressed...

Killer song, thanks for posting, been wanting to hear this for a long time now. Chris Cornell/Soundgarden are the shit!

This song is just an abomination. Horrible lyrics, horrible voice, that guitar is totally unnecessary and out of place...ugh...they really are screwing EVERYTHING up this time. "We keep trying to make another From Russia With Love" said Wilson. You know what you're making now? You're making another XXX. Just make Bond be Vin Diesel for God's sake.

Song Sounds hard like Bond looks in the trailer. Better Bond song in a long time and a departure from the Divaesque nonsense of the past number of movies.

We can only hope that they do like they did in Thunderball and replace the theme song at the last minute. Been a Bond fan for a long time and this is horrible.


This song IS NOT Diamonds Are Forever status by any means.


I hope they fix that scene where the bus splits in half. That looked terrible.

The song sounds Barryesqe, especially A VIEW TO A KILL and THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. Its better than the Arnoldless Brosnan songs by Tina Turner, Sheryl Crow, and Madonna. Among the Arnold songs I'd say it ranks second, better than THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, but not as good as SURRENDER. It will be interesting to hear the synphonic version of this in the movie, as this song was clearly meant to be Bond's action theme, similar to ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE or THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. Listen to the orchestra under the guiters 1:00 in during the lyrics "Arm yourself because no will be there for you". Clearly this is meant to underscore action scenes. And it sounds like a good Barry style theme to me. As for the song, I could have gone for less guiter and more orchestra, but its still good.

Ya know . . . I was really looking for some change from the marketing and producing world of Bond, I mean I REALLY thought they were going to "SET IT OFF" so to speak with Chris Cornell, or at least make it a dark psychodelic/paranoia esque-like Soundgarden's "Superunknown". Yet instead they decided to change the Bond theme, not into something new, different, darker, harder, or edgeier, but into a modern yet familiar vibe of the "Live and Let Die" years.
If you're going to change Bond, Change everything about him. Get rid of Martin Campbell, cause we see what he did with Goldeneye and the Zorro films. Get rid of (with all do respect) Judy Dench, her "M" should only exist during the Brosnan years.
Get rid of David Arnold's club/techno versions of the Bond Theme. And the Producers shouldn't have let Chris Cornell do it his own way, because his song doesn't sound profoundly different or harder/darker/heavier than anything else he's done.
Unfortunately the only people who will like this will be hardcore Chris Cornell fans who never really liked the bond films to begin with.
My oppinion: They could have made this better than any Bourne Identity/Mission Impossible 1,2,or3/or XXX 1 and 2 combine if they just got the theme song right, but I guess their trying to get more of the popular vote, which sucks because bond aint 4 everybody.
So . . . This is another example of how producers have no good style, taste, intuitive artistic abilities whatsoever . . . but they try'na make that money though . . . that's the only real art they know.
Final words:
I would have got rid of Martin Campbell and got David Fincher(Fight Club). Then you know it would be darker and different. David Fincher was supposed to have done MI:3 and he didn't, and we see how that turned out.
I would have got rid of Judy Dentch and got "Sting" . . . yea you heard me, Sting MOFO! What, ya'll aint never seen "Lock Stock and 2 Smokin Barrells" This way he can be just as young, (well not that young)as Bond. And he would have been younger looking, smoother and cockier than the other M's Probably more than Bond himself.
I would have got rid of David Arnold and that Played out techno/club junk and I would have replaced him With Massive Attack, they did the entire score to Jet Li's "Unleashed" (If you don't know who they are, download the album "Mezzanine" and "100th Window" THEY'RE AWESOME!!!
And Finially, I would have replaced the Title theme music from Chris Cornell to JARED LETO'S Rock Band "30 Seconds to Mars." THEY ARE F#*@ING AWESOME. If you've never heard his band's music, you'll be Blown the F*#@ AWAY.
Any other Opinions?

The song is awesome; the clip looks great. I think Cornell and Craig will make this the best Bond film in years. Pierce Brosnan was a great Bond, clearly, but Craig is the Bond of the Ian Fleming novels.

I actually like the song by itself, but I don't really think it works as a Bond song.

Sound Great for a Bond theme song.. I think it will be extremely popular. Any chance of having the lyrics too, Tks

Try to imagine this song combined with a great titles sequence by Daniel Kleinman. Just wait and see...

Sure it's a hard song. But it is for a new hard bond. The party is over !

Fine by me.

My god wot a bunch of internet nerds, bondian, WTF bondian, ur a bunch of savages what the hell is wrong with the singing or the song, its the movie u should be caring about jesus, now go back to ur basement bitch about who shot first han or greedo and download pics of captain janeway nude

i, at this moment, have a better hook for a song of this title "you know my name." he gets these gigs because he did good music a long time ago. laurels can be boring and we have to sit through the same old w/this guy. he's got some talent, some money and a okay face (tired-looking albeit) and still i don't find him sexy...cornell that is. BRING ON THE NEW EVEN IF IT'S 42!

Why do they keep using ARNOLD?

The occasional key change would have been nice! This thing, though mildly catchy, sounds like Guns & Roses version of Live and Let Die.

Dear oh dear.

It's not that bad.

I think I will grow to like the song, but it probably should have been sung by a woman; maybe Shirley Manson or Kd Lang again. For my money, Kd Lang's Surrender was the last best Bond song.

Uhhh, they could have done MUCH better than that. That sounds like a filler track when they need just one more to make a complete album.

Kind of dissapointed, I expected much better from him.

I had serious doubts about craig when he pulled up on that boat but since seeing him in layer cake and knowing that the film director is just an awesome man im really expecting something very special now. BUT were into strange times as would I be write in thinking the books have ran out? If only Flemming was sat in goldeneye writing more. My only concern is that my film comes out the same week at the cinema lol....

i've never liked bond films, hate them actually, but i've been a HUGE cornell fan for a long time now, and i am really quite disapointed, this is the single worst song chris cornell has EVER released

james bond tradition is normally a female sing the song but a new bond need to be set apart

Pretty good song in it's own right and I agree not 100% traditional bond but then again it looks like the movie won't be either.

I'm a big bond fan and I'd like to see many more movies made in the future and if that means the "fanchise" needs to evolve to fit in so be it as long as they don't loose to much of the Bond charm.

Still the song has hints of a traditional Bond song and I think the lyrics are quite Bondian. I can picture it with the tradition silhouetted ladies firing guns and swimming in the nuddy etc...

Ive listened to the song a few times now and after reading the comments above, thought id add my own thoughts. Ive been generally disappointed with the theme tunes over the past decade although Arnold has done a reasonable job with the scores after Goldeneye's poor show. Uptil now his best and most true to Bond work was surrender (kd lang's theme for TND scandalously dropped to the end credits). On first listening, 'you know my name' sounded pretty dated and belonging more in a 70s grunge cult film. However, after listening a couple of times, Ive completely changed my mind. Yes, the song is different from what were accustomed to, fitting with Bonds new image (btw, craig is an inspired choice - critics will be eating their words in the aisles), but it doesnt rely on the tired old chords rehashed in previous themes. The chorus is an absolute anthem, and having heard it twice, I now cant get the dam thing out of my head (always the sign of a sure fire hit!). Well done arnold, connell and co. . . .this is going to be big!!

i love Tina Turner's GoldeEye (very bondian and yet fresh enough), and Garbage's The World Is Not Enough.

But dammit i hate Madonna's Die Another Day, and this "You know my name"... Why don't they include a single Bondian tone in those recent themes ???

I can't wait to see the movie that looks really good and renewed, but man this theme is absolutely ugly for a Bond movie...

well... for those who said "james bond tradition is normally a female sing the song" I think you forgotten Tom Jones... The song is hard and modern... this bond looks like that too... gentlemen admit it, times changes and Bond changes too, New generations will see this movie and they won't be Identified with old times sounds and action scenes. They need new sounds like techno and rock, they need modern action sequences too...So get over it! The song rocks, hope this bond movie rocks too

At least it is better then Madonna's Song for Die another day. We all have to give it that much

Soundgarden, come on!... One of the worst pop band ever and this song is plain horrible and cheesy too. This fake hard rock makes me feel like puking on the singer's head (unlikely to happen, but who knows.... I've been a Bond fan for years and nearly decades and I didn't mind seeing Craig reprising this much coveted Bond part, but please, the trailer looks like any classless action movie and the tacky music emphacizes the whole thing. Next bond : the Rock? soundtrack by Ozzie Osborne and Tommie Lee feat. Dolly Parton?

The song is awful. It's not stylized, it's not sensual, it's not BOND! Let's try something else and but we can revisit this song for the big screen adaptation of "Alias."

Hmm, maybe it will sound better in a darken theatre
in DTS. Maybe it will sound better at least in stereo. [i]maybe they'll use it for the closing credits.
maybe, maybe, Maybe...
(maybe they can get Paul McCartney to write some thing new: I was expecting the lyrics to go,
"You know my name/Look at my number!")

What the hell was that, all I heard Cornell do was scream from the top his lungs. That was actually a BOND theme song, are you kidding me. Need aspirin at the beginning of the movie.
Granted Craig is fine actor, at least that's what some say, I personally didn't like his acting. That's my taste.
But he doesn't look like Bond.
Granted he's got the toughness and Fleming looks. But then if you go by Fleming's idea of Bond then Connery was also a wrong choice, sine Fleming wanted Cary Grant not Connery.
After watching the trailer Craig still doesn't look convincing to me as Bond.
To me James Bond is a cold hearted killer but with a charm that's the irony and that's what makes Bond interesting. Besides does Craig has to suck on his cheeks in every scene to make himself look cold?? You shouldn't have to try hard to look cold, that's only if you have to the look for it.
Bond is dead for, it has been for a while, they should pull the plug on the series now.

look at all you fat bastards who give out about the song,might i suggest you write a better one?chris cirnell has something you unimaginative losers who no doubt spend all day sitting in front of a computer giving out about pointless things instead of losing some weight dont have,talent

awesome song but synth is crap

yeah i'd have to agree with most of you that this song is not fit for a bond movie. i personally like chris cornell, but this just doesn't work. i'm hoping the movie turns out though...

I am so ready for this movie to be out and I think the song goes just fine with the Bond series. . . Someone here's already mentioned the "M" character and the discontinuity that Judi Dench brings to it. . . But something else I'm concerned about is the CAR. . . That car is from Die another Day. . . If you're gonna go backwards, wouldnt it need to look like Sean Connery's car or even further back?

Total shite.
Anyone who thinks this is anything like John Barry should have their ears filled with concrete.

I don't see what the problem is, in the "Bondian" sense. The song seems to fit pretty well to me. Especially when it gets going near the end. It's a bit more Rock than most of the other movies, so maybe that's what people are reacting to. I dunno.

However, I know that Chris Cornell can certainly write better songs than that. One of my least favorites (though I wouldn't call it awful).

Craig sucks, Cornell sucks. You're all rights: Thimothy Dalton rules, A-Ha rules. Stoopids.

it's a really good song i think. it matches the new bond anlot better than an old jazzy number as he's not as smooth looking as past bonds, god u ppl who are so critical just need to get with the times

Best Bond song yet. It has an incredible build and it's raw. Chris Cornell has the most incredible rock voice out there right now.

Great song; lyrics really fit everything the movie seems to be about, based on the trailers. It has an edge, so it fits the mood this new movie's trying to project.

And what makes Bond songs great is that they are a reflection of the times they were made; groovy 60s, rock 70's, pop/new-wave 80s, 2000s techno. If there was a weakness in some of the Brosnan Bond songs, it's that it tried to be "like" a Bond song ... that's why the song that Shirley Manson sang sounded more like a song that Shirley Bassey would sing.

Chris Cornell has great vocal range and his own style, just like Morten Harket, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, etc. Lots of singers have gone on to practically mimic his singing voice.

Be glad they didn't get some emo guy to sing, hehehe. :D

Cornell (and Craig) are giving Bond his manhood back. This song and the new movie are far more in line with Ian Fleming's vision and strip away the absurdity of the last few movies (an invisible car and an ice palace? Cmon!).

Keep in mind the music can't be suave or "Bond-ish" for this movie because in this movie, Bond isn't "Bond" yet. He's a rogue and ruffian whose edges haven't been polished yet.

Perfect song for this movie.

The theme is class, the director wanted a different bond and now he has a different type of tune to go with the movie. So anyone who wants Barry back should get a reality check, move on!!!!!!!!!

This theme is KICK-ASS! It's just what a Bond movie is about.

I can't think of any better Bond theme than this one!

How about this for all the h8rs out there...stop comparing this to John Barry. It's not John Barry. It's David Arnold. Yes, there are certain John Barry motifs that he carries on throughout all of the films he's scored, but it's still all his own work.

As for this song, it's not one I would go out and buy (since I think it sounds like the Montage song from Team America) but it suits the film, it suits the opening credits and it's a reasonably well crafted piece of music both lyrically and musically.

Stop comparing and try to appreciate something for what it is for a change. Also, cut out all this "Bondian" crap. There's one person who gets to decide what's Bond and what isn't and I'm afraid he's been dead for a while.

Also, the film is absolutely incredible. If anyone says they're not going to see it because Daniel Craig is Bond, they're a total fool.

Good lord! What do you make such a good bond movie with such junk as the theme? Get John Barry and the classic bond movie back....please

the song is totally bondian, chris cornell is one of the best singers ever, at least rock singers,and i think that all the guys involved have made a great peace of work! and the movie is even cooler. i love both of it.

this is a yyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo song its soooo amazing

A shame,this song doesn't sound like a bond theme.Goldfrapp,Seal or Hooverphonic could have done better...

Peeps--It IS a Bond song--for a Bond that gets bruised. The Brosnan songs all tried to get there--I think that's what Madonna was after too--just imagine this song over the Die Another Day titles! It has that swirling, spy film feel, its just dripping blood, like the new Bond. Too bad there isn't a large orchestral arrangement of it on the soundtrack. That might have also satisfied the traditionalists.

the song is AWESOME, cant believe some of the posts in here. It doesnt hit the first time, once you hear it twice the song grows in the head. This is regular Chris cornell. Hes had a crappy phase with RATM unidimensional guitar work, but this is classic SG wrapper cornell work. Great lyrics, very bondesque, never thought it could be possible!

A song to forget.

the song fucking ROCKS!!!Suits the films opening sequence to perfection. Daniel Craig is as hard as fuck!!! best bond since connery, best bond film in over 30 years. Times change, COME ON!!! you all sound like my grandma...

instant hit, with me anyway. very 'new bond'. perfect fit! cc is v sexy to boot...

hi, love the song, it fits the film perfectly, just want to know, can i save it on to my MP3 and if so then how?

I ve seen the movie, Casino Royal, and I like it so much, Daniel Craig is the better James Bond, and the song, "You know my name" is really fine. Excellent election the actor and the music.

Already I have seen the movie, it has liked to me very much, so much the song, "You know my name" as Daniel Craig's performance, his excellent physical conditions for the role, they have looked like to me excellent elections.



I am a bond fan, and like many of the other fans out there, I have seen all the films and the changes that have come with each one of them.
I am not a chris connel fan, but I kust say this song has haunted me (in a good way, or should I say the the song lingeres) since I saw Casino Royale.
Daniel Crieg did a good jod and the song adds to the darkness of the movie. It really is a good song, better than the more recent bond themes in any case.

When I first heard this, when seeing the movie on its opening night, i was a bit surprised. But, i have to say that by the end of the movie, I already decided i loved it AND i think it really suits the movie. I thought the movie was great. Much better than some of the recent Bond movies - tougher, which is how i think bond movies should be. The more i hear it the better i like it. Plus, i really like the title sequence, but it made more sense AFTER you see the movie.

Really good fit between the crooner type bond songs of the early movies and the hard edge of Chris Cornell - both of which i love - so for me at least this is a winner.

Great film also - right back on track with the bond series.

After the shit Madonna dared to present as a Bond song (well it fit the shit well that SOme compaNY tried to sell us as a Bond at all) this is a PERFECT 21st century Bond song! Congrats Mr Cornell, very well done!

I know that it's a little bit too late to comment, but i found the site just a few days ago and happened to read all this nonsense about the song. It's just perfect. It couldn't have been done better. This song was the reason for most of my peers to watch the movie. I have seen some of the old Bond movies, but i didn't like them at all. I was wondering why people do like that "bullshit" till i got the chance to watch Casino Royal. Even my mom, who is a fan of the so called old Bond movies, liked this one most. Why? Because it's gorgeuos. Just like the song. However, they are not for petty people ;)

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