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Tallulah Belle Willis: 12 Going on 28

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood

[Breakfast: slice of marble rye with 1/2 avocado and an heirloom tomato]

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Tallulah Belle is by far the prettiest of the Willis/Moore clan. (I bet her sisters Rumer and Scout are totally jealous of her--they also got the ugly names) However, there's no need for Tallulah to dress like a twentysomething starlet yet. Lulah, you're still flat chested! The lingerie inspired tunic would have been less obscene if she had worn tights or leggings with it.

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Tallulah means "Wart" in Arabic. We always made fun of her name in Lebanon. I doubt they'd be jealous of that ;-)

Well they don't live in lebanon and in the US Tallulah is a Native American word meaning "Running River".

hmnn... I've came across Lula's name before on the net... Tallulah means something amazing in Hindi (unfortunately i dont remember the excat term) but it was a good name that when i came accross Lula's name, i appreciated it and apparently she didn't. Next time i'll tell the meaning, im on a hurry so can't browse the net for the meaning. try googling INDIAN NAMES and see if you can find it for yourself.

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