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A Modern Day Sid and Nancy

Part of: Kate Moss , Music
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Kate Moss is an odd bird. I have no idea why she would seemingly bring her lovely daughter, Lila Grace, to rehab. Kate's boyfriend and alleged fiancé, Pete Doherty, is there because of a court order. Approximately a month ago Kate flew all of her friends and family to Bali and was devastated when the groom couldn't make the wedding due to being sentenced to rehab after being arrested possessing Class A drugs. Both Kate and Pete have been in and out of rehab multiple times, but don't have any intention of staying sober. I'm sure that Doherty kisses much better sober, though. The Sun reports that the two had a hot and heavy make out session that was quite touchy-feely on the rehab grounds. This news makes my skin crawl. Pete always looks like a Zombie--that's what happens when you're a junkie. I hope that Kate at least washed her lips and hands before touching her daughter after that. It was interesting that she chose to wear easy access shorts and a buttoned up top. The boots were sensible since they were visiting in a grassy, botanical area.



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She didn't take her daughter to the clinic. She picked up her daughter from nursery, and then went to the clinic, WITHOUT her daughter.

Maybe the shirt is so you can't see the tracks in her arms.

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