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A Rachel Zoe Halloween

Part of: Fashion , Hollywood , Mischa Barton , Nicole Richie , Trick Or Treat
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I know that some of you have Halloween parties this weekend and don't want to spend a fortune on a costume. All of these Rachel Zoe inspired costumes can be created with thrift store finds. Think 1970. They work best with long hair, so if you're going to splurge buy a wig.

1. Mischa Barton in a "Rachel Zoe threw up on me costume"

2. Rachel Zoe as herself

3. Nicole Richie in a "Rachel Zoe street walker costume"

Note: The second costume is great if you look like shit from too much partying or lack of sleep. Otherwise use some eye shadow to create dark circles under your eyes and special makeup for wrinkles . Bronzer and self-tanning lotion are your friends. Also, either drink a lot of coffee or take some cold medicine to appear very hyper or very relaxed.

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