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Angelina Copycats

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Angelina is so known for her adopted children that America's Next Top Model had Caridee pose in a photo session as Angelina and Brad Pitt. They even brought two real children in to accompany her. (BTW: ANTM sucks this season.) Now Madonna and Guy Ritchie have adopted an African child (seen above with one of his nannies) which has stirred up controversy. People are saying that the Malawian government bent rules for her, though she denies it. Duh. If you put in a certain amount of money into a country (especially orphanages) and you're Madonna, then that's going to happen. Ever notice how both of Angelina's adopted children are beyond cute as is Madonna's new son. If you're an average person adopting a child from another country, don't expect to get one of the most adorable children. Sure you could, but just don't get your hopes up. Even so, you should totally copy Angelina and adopt at least one child from Africa.


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