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Fashion Accessory Du Jour

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I showed DK this picture and he said, "That's not Ashlee Simpson." Oh, but it is. I don't know if Ashlee's gotten more work done, but she is looking less and less like herself. I do love her purse, though. If anyone knows what brand it is, please leave a comment.

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Fendi Spy purse.

I agree, everytime I see a picture of her she's looks a little different.

I think it's a Fendi "Spy".

It is a Fendi's a great purse!

Its a Fendi -- the spy bag.

I miss the old Ashlee. :( Think I'm in the minority on that, though.

I actually think Ashlee looks great even though I am not a big fan of plastic surgery...but now that she's had her nose fixed doesn't it make you wish Jessica would fix hers?

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