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Fashion Fugly: Tights

Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Gossip , Hollywood , Lindsay Lohan , Mischa Barton
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Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan need new friends and new tights. No one told them that their dresses were too short to wear with sheer tights. Sheer black tights remind me of bad office jobs. Please only buy opaque tights. They are way more flattering and don't make you look like you just came from your secretarial job at a law firm.

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have you considered that this has less to do with opaque v. sheer than it does with not letting your butt hang out when wearing a short skirt?

Seriously, in two years, when sheer tights are all the rage, you will all be saying "oh, my god, she's wearing OPAQUE tights!?!"

You fickle fashion victims.

robert furthur

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