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Kat Lunches Without Tom

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[Breakfast: 4 small cookies and chai green tea]

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OMG, It's the first picture of Katie Holmes doing something vaguely independent since the birth of Suri Cruise. Of course, she was dining at Orso which is almost as high profile as The Ivy. Oh, and we don't know if the person that she was dining with was a "real" friend or a Scientology babysitter. It's clear to me that this lunch was set-up to help Tom's PR. We are supposed to believe that Katie has free will. The last time Katie was photographed without Tom was when she was shopping for baby clothes with her mother and mother-in-law at Bonpoint. They lunched at The Ivy. At least TomKat dined at Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant, Cut, in the Beverly Regent (3rd picture below) recently. It takes three to four weeks to get a reservation there.

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