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New Disease: The Skinny

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Gossip , Hollywood , Nicole Richie , Paris Hilton , Television
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Nicole Richie has entered rehab not for an eating disorder or drug addiction or any addiction for that matter. Though Richie spent most of her life at a normal weight, she's found herself plagued by an inability to gain weight. Um... If that were the case wouldn't she have been hospitalized and given food through tubes. She could at least have seen a few specialists from around the world. It's a sad day when a reality star has to be rehabililated for no known addiction. The poor girl was already rehabilitated for heroin addiction. We should all be protesting for her release from the treatment center that I assume is in Malibu.

"Nicole Richie is taking a break from The Simple Life to seek help in her own life."

"The 25-year-old reality TV star is in an undisclosed private facility, her publicist exclusively tells E! News, "to undergo diagnostic treatment to determine why she's not been putting on any weight."

"She is working with a team of doctors and specialists whose focus is nutrition," says the rep. "It is important to Nicole that she achieve this goal in a healthy way, [but] this is not a treatment for an eating disorder."

Maybe the real reason that Nicole entered rehab is to postpone working with Paris Hilton. Pretending to be friends again with someone like Paris would drive anyone crazy. I'm surprised that Richie's not in a psychiatric ward. Paris is supposed to star in The Hottie and the Nottie in January. No news yet on whether this setback will effect the casting or film's start date.

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Maybe just knowing you have to be friends with fug-ugh Paris to make a living in the acting world scared the eating urge back into Nicole..? hee hee

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