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A Bittersweet Hollywood Ending

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Reese Witherspoon

[Breakfast: Broiche French Toast with maple syrup]

The one good thing that Dr. Phil and Tom Leykis preach to teenagers and twentysomethings is to wait until you're at least 30 to get married. Reese Witherspoon was only 21 when she married Ryan Phillipe and he was 23. Ever since they admitted a couple of years ago that they were attending couples therapy, there have been rumors of divorce. Bloggers have even made fun of Ryan for not being as successful as his wife calling him a house husband, but mostly because they wanted to shag him--soo predictable! At least the couple had a good run and now can have sex with other people before they die. That's why you are totally stupid to get married in your early twenties. People, sew your wild oats! But use protection. I suggest Crown condoms.

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