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Starlets With Dogs

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood , Jessica Alba , Jessica Simpson , Kate Bosworth , Mischa Barton , Rachel Bilson , Sienna Miller

[Breakfast: a hard-boiled egg]

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This is a hard one because people usually resemble their dogs. Jessica Alba resembles her new pooch, but not her two pugs. Kate Bosworth should have the smallest and thinnest dog alive. She needs to go save a pooch from India or something. Mischa Barton needs a less happy dog that's prone to giving people dirty looks. Rachel Bilson's dog needs to be cuter.

The celebs pictured below do resemble their dogs. Jessica Biel rocks a Wonder Woman shirt while walking her cuties. Jessica Simpson appears dumber than her dog at the airport. Yeah, she tried to put Daisy through the X-ray machine. The two had similar coiffs at the time. Sienna Miller recently took her dopey and scrawny pooches for a walk in London. I bet that she's lost them before.

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It's nice to see some starlets walking non-ankle-biting pooches! Alba and Biel get my vote for hottest dog handlers today!
Remember ladies - bigger is better...

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