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---The honeymoon is over for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. The country singer checked himself into rehab. He admitted that he’s struggled with alcohol and cocaine in the past and that he let his guard down on recovery. I guess it’s true that the first year of marriage is the hardest. [Source]

---Madonna will be on the Oprah show Wednesday to clear the air about her controversial adoption. I bet that she regrets ever funding charities in Malawi now that some Malawians are talking shit about her. Next time she plans to adopt, she should consult with Angelina. [Source]

---The Bridge, a controversial film which shows six people jumping from San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge, will be shown at the London Film Festival today after being denied by other festivals like Cannes. Some people are worried that the film will give suicidal people ideas. Any suicidal person who hasn’t thought about jumping off a bridge is dumb or doesn’t live near a cool bridge like the Golden Gate. [Source]

---Timing is everything. Wesley Snipes is in Namibia to film “Gallowwalker" said one of the film’s producers. Damn. We were really dumb to have speculated otherwise. The lead actor in the film said the production will end the third week of December. I’m sure Mr. Snipes will be an upstanding US citizen and turn himself in at the end of the shoot. [Source]

--Anna Nicole dissed Larry Birkhead’s lawyer, Debra Opri, by not showing up for their meeting in the Bahamas. The lawyer was supposed to take Anna’s deposition. I hope that she at least hung out long enough to get a tan. [Source]


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