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TomKat's Wedding vs. Jayden James

Part of: Britney , Gossip , Hollywood , Music , TomKat
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I can't decide what I care about more: The fact that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline lied about the name of their most recent baby boy or TomKat's November wedding in Italy? I can't think of a reason for Brit and Kev to lie about their baby's name unless they wanted to feel in control for a month or so and laugh their asses off at the press and paparazzi. Maybe Brit woke up and realized that "Sutton Pierce" was a waspy name from hell and changed her babe's name to "Jayden James," a much more modern name. I've always liked the name "Jayden" and "Jayden James Federline" is a much better name than "Sutton Pierce Federline". The name saga will only be amusing if Britney and Kev have an interesting story to tell about their reasoning. The other news du jour is that TomKat have supposedly set their wedding date and location. This news is only interesting if the wedding will take place at George Clooney's villa in Lake Como 'cause it would confirm that George is a Scientologist.

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Sutton Pierce Federline? Sounds like a group of lawyers or an investment firm if you ask me! I didn't know George Clooney is a scientologist....that makes me respect him less! argh.

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