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Al-Qaeda Threatens America's Royal Family

Part of: Brangelina , Gossip , Hollywood , Politics
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Damn, al-Qaeda. If you even touch a hair on Angelina's back or Brad's pecs, the U.S. will so try to kick your ass. Supposedly there have been al-Qaeda threats against Brangelina due to the political nature of A Mighty Heart which is filming in India. Poor Brangie. Now they have to dodge terrorists as well as the paparazzi. Gone are the romantic weekends at the Taj Mahal Palace, carefree days at the park with Shiloh, Z, and Maddox, and Brad's days of hanging out and building houses for the poor with Jimmy Carter. Just kidding. Brangelina aren't afraid of anything--duh! But if al-Qaeda seriously wants to mess them up, they can find out exactly where the movie's filming here and their hotel information is public knowledge. That's fucked up.

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love themmmmmmmmmmmm

It is superficial useless
celebrity craze like this that is really damaging America.Whoever wrote this
extraordinary childish and uneducated article should be sent to serve the war or go to college.This stupid family has no consenquence to the world at large.If any of these bastards (Brangelina)was kidnapped the governments of the world wouldn't turn a hair.Grow up! hundreds are dying everyday in this war.Get an Education.Stop relying on Hollywood garbage to fill that tiny brain of yours.

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