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Britney is Smoking

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Britney and Sean are soo cute. I seriously dreamt last night that I became friends with Britney Spears and then it turned out that it wasn't the 'real' Britney. Some woman was wearing a Britney mask! I should have known sooner 'cause she was living in a gross apartment and had no bodyguards. Her excuse was that she trying to keep a low profile. She was also sans Sean and Jayden--duh. I don't know why a cool dream had to turn into a nightmare. I need dream therapy or something. The 'fake' Britney did have something in common with the 'real' Britney, though: They were both smokers. Some paparazzi caught Brit in the act while she was dining with her brother at the Dixie Springs Cafe in Kentwood this past Monday. I don't know why this is news because most actresses and some singers smoke.

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