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I See Stars

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I was walking with DK in Venice recently and saw Fiona Apple walking toward us. I nudged him, “That’s Fiona Apple!”

“No, I don’t thinks so,” DK said.

“Who else would be wearing sunglasses when it was nearly dark?” I thought I had made a valid point.

“There’s no way that she’s that short,” DK said.

Fiona was wearing a black tank top, black workout pants, and had on headphones. I assumed that was coming from the spinning studio a few blocks away. I don’t know why she’d go there because the small class can be viewed from the street. She might have been walking to Gold’s Gym or just walking/running for exercise. If you want to spot her, try The Figtree or Mao’s Kitchen in Venice which are both vegan friendly. I looked her up and she does live in Venice Beach and is 5’2. Ha, ha, DK!


Jeremy Piven must think that I’m stalking him. I saw him twice in the last two weeks. He obviously lives near Abbott Kinney in Venice. He was probably just renting his Malibu Road house for the summer like a lot of people do. What’s the point of living in Malibu during the other months? Actually, I spend a lot of time in Malibu and it’s nice when the tourists aren’t around.

So, I first spied The Piv at Mailboxes Etc. Well, technically in the parking lot. He was with a friend assistant and had just purchased something from Relax the Back. His friend was nice enough to chauffer him around. The Piv was sans bandana and hat, so I almost didn’t recognize him.

This past weekend, DK and I popped into a Japanese store after dining at our favorite tea place, Jin Patisserie. I had never gone into the store before because it looked expensive and fanciful, but I was finally in the right mood. The store was cute and just as I was walking up the stairs to the second level, I noticed Jeremy hanging out with the owner. He was wearing a cap, jeans and a white T-shirt. I turned my head and he was gone. Until we meet again, Mr. Piven.


Sarah Chalke at Joan’s on Third with her boyfriend (?). She’s on the few actresses I’ve seen who is 'normal' skinny.

Estella Warren walking in the Pacific Palisades with an ugly guy. Hope it wasn’t her boyfriend. She’s short for a model, but stunning.

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