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Nicole Breaks up With Rachel Zoe

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OMG, finally! It appears that these rumors could have been true. I even said here that we'd know that Nicole Richie was serious about getting better when she dropped her stylist/buddy Rachel Zoe. It also makes me believe that Nicole's extreme weight loss was due to this instead of an eating disorder. I'm so happy that no one will be photographing Rachel Zoe's ugly mug or bones anymore. I hope more of her A-list clients drop her. She's obviously a bad seed. Us Weekly has the scoop on why Nicole fired Rachel:

The reason? The size-0 Richie, 25, “wanted to surround herself with positive people and influences,” an insider says.

Apparently that didn’t include the controversial fashionista, 35, who has long been accused of promoting unhealthy body images (her roster of stick-thin clients includes Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan, both 20).

“Nicole didn’t trust Rachel anymore,” a Richie pal says of the firing. “Zoe didn’t take the news well.”

Zoe’s rep denies this, adding that the split was amicable.

In her place, Richie has hired Cristina Ehrlich – who has dressed Jessica Biel and Penelope Cruz – to pick an outfit for the November 21 American Music Awards, where the actress has been asked to introduce a performance by dad Lionel Richie.

Yeah, right about the split being amicable. Zoe is soo about to slit her wrists right now. Actually, she's probably just really high and figuring out how she can become BFF with Lindsay Lohan.

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Im so so glad now we just need to get rid of the other anorexic washed up coke whore that is kate moss women like that should be given the death penalty im so happy theres still normal but slim women like lily allen and scarlet johanson around and they actually have a talent!

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