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Tara Reid on 'Ana' Watch

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I randomly turned on "The Tyra Banks Show" the other day when Tara Reid was a guest. She's come out of retirement to talk about her botched plastic surgery jobs because she's promoting her new online film Incubus. Blah, blah, blah...I don't care. What caught my attention was how thin she's become. I swear, when she was walking out and I saw her backside it looked like Nicole Richie's. She has no ass and her legs are like sticks. Her boobs looked smaller, but it could have been her bra. Her face looked different, too. Tara also seemed to be on prescription meds. The funniest moment was when she commented on her 'party girl' reputation. She used the same excuse that Lindsay Lohan had on "Oprah"...The paparazzi only photograph me when I have a drink in my hand... All of the entertainment industry publicists must tell their talent to say that.

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