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ANTM Winner

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I'm happy that Caridee won America's Next Top Model. Not that she's going to be a model. Melrose and Caridee seemed like they were more interested in acting than modeling, but who isn't? I predicted that Caridee would win, but I thought that Eugena would get runner-up. Everyone noticed that Tyra kept her week after week even though she sucked. It's too bad that Megan and AJ (first two pictures below) were axed so early on--one of them deserved to be in the final three instead of Eugena. Tyra even told Megan on her talk show that she could've won and didn't know why she was kicked off so early. Lame Tyra. Monique was really pretty, too, but was a hardcore bitch. I know a lot of you probably wanted for Melrose to win (another beotch) but check out the fugly picture of her below. She should lay off the hats and red lipstick.

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