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Caridee's Seventeen Magazine Cover

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Yes, I'm tres happy that Caridee won America's Next Top Model instead of bitchy, kiss-ass, Melrose. Melrose probably cries herself to sleep at night because she hasn't been cast in anything yet. Auditions are soo unfair. How cute is this Seventeen magazine cover? It's a little over the top in cuteness, but that's what Seventeen is into right now. Remember that cover with Paris Hilton and her kitten? I don't agree that you should make your ex want you back, either--that's pathetic advice that's strategically written on Caridee's yellow lollipop. But I guess that's why I don't buy Seventeen.

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Im glad CariDee won. I had my fingers crossed for her the whole time. Melrose was stuck up, she needed to loosen up, or calm down or something.

x Cari's #1 Fan

Larisa 14 =] (Good luck)

I love this cover. I love CariDee, she was the best. I love everthing about this cover, it's versitle, and it has such a spunky look. :), I love this cover. I really like Melrose to, she is an awesome model. Viewers need to know that ANTM is a competition, and she was there to win. She may not have been nice to the other girls, but it was only so that she wouldn't be distracted by the other girls. I love CariDee, Melrose and Joanie. :)


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