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Gossip for Breakfast : The Hills -- Part Deux

Part of: LA , Literati , Television

I'll admit that I occassionally get sucked into the reality pitt of MTV. I didn't watch all of The Hills, but the episodes I caught were pretty boring. I don't know how L.C. got her own show considering how boring she is...seriously. Good thing that Heidi is on the show. I recently found myself sitting next to someone at a dinner party who is related to The Hills. This person swore that Season Two was actually drama filled. (They had no reason to lie since this person was not a publicist or producer.) But they also made a face when asked what L.C. was like to work with.


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I ♥ LC, but it was definitely true that the season was a drag without Heidi's impeccable camio. This season should grab my attention based on the trailer I recently saw on MTV's Overdrive.

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