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The Holiday

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At first I wanted to see The Holiday because I thought it was about two friends who went backpacking through Asia. Don’t ask me why I thought this. It’s really about two strangers who exchange houses because of guy problems and end up falling in love with two new guys while on holiday. So it’s your typical romantic comedy. The thing that I’m upset about is that Kate Winslet’s character (Iris) ends up with Jack Black (Miles), and Cameron Diaz (Amanda) gets together with English hottie, Jude Law (Graham). I haven’t seen the movie, but that’s what I gather from the previews. I just don’t think it’s fair that Kate has to end up with the funny but not good looking guy. It’s so predictable. With Kate’s classical features and slim yet curvy body, she should get the hot guy. I’d much rather see Jack Black make Cameron Diaz fall in love with him. And it’s believable, because you know that Cameron is not too hot sans makeup. She has horrible skin. I hope that Jack Black’s character is at least successful. It doesn’t make a difference, though. I have no interest in seeing another predictable romantic comedy without a twist where Kate Winslet ends up with the ugly guy with a great personality. Blah.

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