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A Match Made in Boredom

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Jessica Simpson , Music
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You know how I've said in the past how boring Jessica Simpson and John Mayer seem and wondered what they had to talk about? Well, today one of my sources confirmed my suspicions. My source revealed that whenever Jess and John go out to eat they have nothing to to talk about. Jess passes the time by twirling her hair and John whistles his tunes and text messages other chicks on his BlackBerry. Okay, that last bit about John is a guess. It still seems like the Columbia label mates are together for publicity purposes. If they are a real couple, I hope the sex is mind blowing and that's why they don't need to talk to each other.

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I wonder if their relationship is really a publicity stunt or not. I can't imagine pretending to like someone for the media's attention.

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