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'Ana' Alert

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Jessica Alba needs to eat, but I doubt she will anytime soon considering this recent quote:

“I have curves, but I don’t really like them. I wish I was skinnier and taller.” [Source]

She really needs to stop saying shit like that. We already know that 99% of Hollywood's starlets feel the same way. The camera really does add 10-15 pounds (depending on what you're wearing). But I wish that Jess' publicist would just tell her to STFU about her warped body image and take her to a nutritionist. It's tragic when a girl whose ribs are sticking out thinks that she's 'curvy.' For once I'd like to hear an actress say that she loves her body even if she's acting. And Jessica likes her body enough to get fake candid bikini photos taken. Check out the picture above left if you don't think she's too thin or sickly looking.

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Not too thin.. just too stressed.. that is what they call it now..

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