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I Pray to Angelina

Part of: Brangelina , Gossip , Hollywood , Trick Or Treat
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How cool is this painting by Kate Kretz? It and another version can be found here on her blog. They will be on exhibit at the Chelsea Galleria booth at the Art Miami Fair, January 5-8th. Meanwhile, Brad and Angelina spent the holidays in Panama (seen below) and celebrated in Costa Rica for NYE. I'm a big fan of Central America. Brangelina should've let me bum along with them. They must not have noticed the paps (below right) because they are holding hands. I'm surprised that anti-intimacy Angelina didn't break out in hives from showing Brad affection. She must be in a lighter mood these days since she's been wearing lots of white instead of her usual head-to-toe black. Happy New Year, Brangie!

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The painting was done by artist Kate Kretz. thanks for posting it!

That's just nasty. Put some clothes on those kids.

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