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Britney's First Few Weeks of 2007

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Gets really wasted on New Year's Eve because that's what all the cool kids do. A few days later gets so wasted that she turns into a ghost at Le Deux in Hollywood. Feels guilty about said behavior and writes a letter to fans saying she's grown up a lot and become more mature and is just being "me." But she's sorry and the media blows everything out of proportion. No one tells her what contradiction means. Her main fansite shuts down because they don't want to be associated with an alcoholic, child neglecting has been.

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Hangs out with her makeup artist so he can watch Sean P while she goes shopping. Hangs out with K-Fed replacement because she misses Fed-Ex. Like, duh, you always choose a model/actor as a rebound! Tries to sunbathe on boat with rebound aka Isaac so she won't be called a ghost again. Also drinks a lots of beer and gets laid.

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Already getting sick of model/actor/whatever, but poses with him so she can show off her extensions. Ties with BFF Paris Hilton for first place on Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dressed List of 2006. Spends a whole day crying, eating junk food, and watching soaps to get over news. Remembers that she has children and takes Sean P to the park.


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Soo sad...

Sad but true. I really thought that once she got rid of KFed she would turn her life around. Now I'm seeing that maybe KFed wasn't the problem.

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