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Did any of you guys see Dirt's premiere last week? The show literally looked dirty because it was lit so darkly. DK and I thought it had to be a mistake, so we turned off our lights and adjusted our color, but neither helped. Courtney Cox must be paranoid about her wrinkes showing. The other thing that I was mildly surprsied about was that she can't act. Her expression for the entire show was like the clip above--her fake lips pressed together in a tight line. Yawn. Oh, and you know how Courtney is always saying how much she hates the paparazzi? Well, what she hasn't mentioned a lot is that she and David Arquette's production company, Coquette, is producing Dirt. Yeah, so maybe she should stop being such a hypocrite and STFU. It's too bad that Courtney's character "Lucy" in the show is also dull as dirt. Sure, there's her schizophrenic photographer friend "Don" who we can feel sorry for. But don't you want to watch a show that has one likable character and one character that you can love to hate? Dirt's pilot episode had drugs, sex, adultery, violence, a cancer victim (cat) dying , a car accident and scenes in a hospital--yet, I didn't feel the thrill of reading a juicy tabloid. Dirt should go back in the ground so it can RIP.

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From what I hear, deep under the dirt is where they are going to bury this dud show really soon.

it was never a secret that she was producing it. obviously your a cox-hater. if you watch the 2nd episode it gets even better.

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