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From the Set of "The Hottie and The Nottie" -- *BAT Exclusive*

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I keep on seeing paparazzi shots of Paris Hilton on various blogs (even Perez Hilton’s) that show her supposedly on set of The Hottie and The Nottie or coming from acting class. The pictures of her “coming from acting class” were her coming from rehearsals. One day last week there were even some trannies and hookers waiting for her to sign autographs after rehearsals. It’s sweet of Paris to sign autographs for some of her biggest fans.

Paris’ first day on set was this past Saturday in San Pedro. However, she was only there to do camera tests to assess her makeup and hair on camera and see how she should be lit. There were about 7 paparazzi guys sitting on a cement wall stalking the heiress. They knew that she was there because they’re the ones who sit outside of her house and follow her when she leaves. They did get pictures, but I haven’t seen them online yet. Perhaps they’ll be in the tabloids this week.

The most surprising thing about seeing Paris in person (with good hair and makeup) is how pretty she is. Really, I was shocked. She also has better poses that she doesn’t use when posing for the press. Again, I was shocked. I don’t know why she doesn’t pose more naturally in front of still cameras. As expected, Paris was obsessed with text messaging and talking on her BlackBerry when she was off-camera and came on and off of set wearing oversized black sunglasses. She was wearing a gorgeous Tocca sundress since she was in character as Cristabel Abbott aka "The Hottie." The other not-so-surprising thing was that she’s not a size 0. The tabloids that are always claiming that all tall, skinny starlets are a size 0 or 2 are usually wrong. Paris is very skinny. I think she could stand gaining 5-10 pounds, and I’m not sure about the claim that she does Pilates.

One of the other leads of The Hottie and The Nottie (who is on set almost every day of shooting) is Joel David Moore who plays "Nate Cooper." OMG, Joel is so funny and an amazing actor. I remembered him from Dodgeball: The True Underdog Story and The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, but he’s been in a ton of movies. I haven’t seen "The Nottie" yet, but I have seen a picture of actress Christine Lakin as "The Nottie" (June Phigg) and it’s scary. I mean scary ugly. Not “Ugly Betty” ugly, which isn’t even ugly.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a set breakfast to report because this time I didn’t make it there early enough to catch the catered breakfast, but I’ve heard they have good chorizo and eggs among other things. (O.K. pre-set I got an Egg McMuffin sans meat from McDonalds—yeah, I do that a few times a year). One of my favorite things about being on a movie set is eating, so the first thing I do on set is find craft services aka catering. Before I was ever on a TV or movie set, I thought that craft services were related to Kraft. Wow…Kraft catered for all movies? That Kraft family must be really rich. The high points of my lunch were seared ahi tuna and two types of milk shakes made to order.


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Who designed the sundress?

Haha... interesting, fun stuff.

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