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Another Day, Another Emergency

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Lindsay Lohan
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What a difference a few days make. Days ago Lindsay was celebrating Jane Fonda's 69th birthday (she doesn't look that old) with director Garry Marshall on the set of Georgia Rules. How sweet was Jane to cover up Lilo's boobies? Now TMZ reports that Lindsay had her appendix removed.

Leslie Sloane, Lindsay’s rep, tells TMZ that Lindsay was not feeling well so she went to the doctor yesterday who performed several tests and determined that Lindsay was suffering from appendicitis. Doctors asked her to return to the hospital today to remove her appendix as a precaution. Sloane says Lindsay is resting comfortably.

Wow, I want Lindsay's doctor. Any doctor who would pressume that she has appendicitis over a million other things must be good. Then again, this could be a cover up for something far more sinister. I'll be looking out for that scar. When do you predict that Lilo will don a bikini again?

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