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Nelly Furtado Doing "The Sexy"

Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Gossip , Music

[Breakfast: 2 cranberry/mini-chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies]

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I've never seen Nelly Furtado perform live, but her old vibe used to be young and urban mixed in with some hippie. Now that her new album has a different sound, her team has created a new persona for her. What could be funnier than a tomboyish woman trying to be a sexpot? I don't know. Whenever I see Nelly performing that weird whispy song (WTF, is her music adult contemporary now?) and doing her "sexy" vogue poses, I almost choke from laughing so hard. That chick is soo not sexy. I've never seen such forced sexiness in my life except for in Cannes when those wannabe starlets pose on the beach. It also doesn't help that Nelly has one of the ugliest wigs in history with unflattering long fringe (bangs). It's too bad that her team can't make her look like this...(pictures after jump)

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I agree totally. Either she's trying too hard or she is forcing an imagine that isn't her true self. The dancing on "Promiscuous" is horrible. Maybe she should go back to "I'm like a bird...." and sell her songs to others


tiffany can i just tell you

i saw her perform poetry live at a taping of russell simmons' def poetry jam back in october or so...

her poetry was SO HORRIBLE that russell simmons himself had to come out on stage and BEG us to clap for her

plus... her figure is well-camouflaged by her clothes, her ass is as big as that glacier that dropped off antarctica the other day

if im lyin im flyin!!!


whats wrong with having a big ass Miko??? it made Jlo's career and butts are in I unfortunately dont own one of those but they are far better than the Posh look Nelly should camouflage anything she looks great its true her face isnt all that but she is in good shape and probably better looking than those of you writing about her!
P.S Im not a fan

I think that Nelly Furtado is very sexy and pretty. I think you guys are being too critical. She has a great body and she is a good performer. The Wig with fringe bangs is just unflattering to her face. Have you guys even seen her when she is not possing for the camera. She is earthy and exotic. Gimme a break u guys.

Nicolette wrote the precise words: Nelly Furtado is earthy and exotic; she is really very very very sexy and pretty. And she doesn't need any kind of camouflage...

thats just rude
nelly furtado looks nice with her fringe and it realli pretti
so stop being so mean

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