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Rachel McAdams Needs to Go Away

Part of: Fashion , Gossip , Hollywood
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Rachel McAdams is suddenly in the spotlight again due to the Oscar nomination of her boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. (Has anyone even seen Half Nelson?) McAdams with her precious pink highlights and ugly white pumps (her stylist must be straight) showed up at the SAG Awards with Ryan on her arm. She acted the opposite of Angelina at the Golden Globes. You would have thought that she was up for a major award. Rachel, you're not all that. Most people don't even know who you are. There's a rumor that she might replace Katie Holmes in the Batman sequel. Yeah, the only reason that she'd get that role is because they could pay her nothing. It sounds like a rumor that her publicist quickly cooked up for Rach to use Ryan's spotlight for her own gain. Considering that no one knows who she is, that's a savvy move. I really wish that Rachel would go away. She's not going to a successful actress. What chick over 30-- who isn't in a band---gets pink highlights in their hair? A desperate actress who is trying to pretend that she's 20 and can start her career over again.

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she was in a little movie called Notebook genius

Yeah, whoever wrote this is a true idiot. Rachel Mcadams can act circles around most of the garbage you see in the movies today. Just because she doesnt go for every "big time budget" movie offered to her doesnt mean nobody knows her. I'd say you need to take yourself and your little blog to the house.

Who is the idiot that wrote this article?I am a person very close to Miss McAdams,i could tell her what you've're one is just pathetic envy for the greatest actress of her can't say she's bad and then glorify Angelina Jolie..that acts like a pork,that is good just for sex scenes..Shame on you!

Your hatred of Rachel McAdams is intriguing. Would you care to share with us what you have against her? Is it the fact that she doesn't by movie industry rules? Doesn't need to pander to the media to get all the attention she wants? Is happy in her love life? (Tell your "reliable source" that R&R are probably already married.)

You claim to be a Hollywood insider, but I suspect that you're just another wannabe. God, there are sooo many out here.

If you're really a script reader, please please tell us which studio or production company you work for.

whoever said this wrote this or as ever thought it is a loser, someone needs to get over the jealousy issues. she can do what she wants with her body and hair, and she as been in major roles like mean girls, the notebook, wedding crashers, and tv shows, she was also in elle mag, snl, david lettermen. and shes canadian. get over it, and your jealousy. rachel mcadams added me on my space and its her because she went on web cam and she would smack you!!

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