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---It sucks to be Brandy Norwood right now. Her accident that resulted in a fatality last month was kept under wraps for a few weeks, but now that it’s become public, the California Highway Patrol and Awatef Aboudihaj’s family want blood money. This bad press could have totally been avoided. Hasn’t anyone in Brandy’s camp heard of Hush money? Duh. [Source]

--The Police are reuniting for The Grammys. The Eagles might have a new album coming out, and Billy Joel is singing the national anthem at Sunday’s Super Bowl as well as coming out with a new song for his annoying wife, Katie Lee Joel. 2007 is quickly becoming the year of aging rock stars who need money.
[Source 1, 2, 3]

---Miss USA Tara Conner admits to People that, "I was an equal-opportunity [user] – I would try anything once." What a druggie slut. And, yes, she did do coke and was a functional alcoholic for years. Now she’s content hanging out at home with her chaperone and reading books. Right, like I’ve happily decided to nix this blog and to start a new one that only kisses celebrities asses. [Source]

--K-Fed knows that his kids with Britney are worth way more than $25 million to her and that’s why he’s reportedly turned down this settlement amount to relinquish his custodial rights. His two kids with Shar Jackson are worth nothing to him until they turn old enough to write a bio about him and make a ton of money. Oh, wait. They don’t see him enough to have any dirt on him. [Source]

--Apparently an imposter of American Idol producer, Nigel Lythgoe, called Courtney Love’s office about a job proposal yesterday. It turns out that even American Idol has standards. [Source]

--Posh has banned size 0 models from modeling her denim line. A Source says that Victoria’s concerned about young girls who want to emulate stick-thin models. Come on! It’s totally obvious that she just doesn’t want to employ anyone thinner or richer than she is. [Source]


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