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The Bling Bling Stroller

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[Breakfast: oatmeal with oat milk]

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I haven't written about Gwen Stefani for a long time. Frankly, she's become boring and overexposed. I only really liked her when she was pregnant, so unless she becomes pregnant again I won't be writing about her much. She also hasn't been photographed looking super-cute in forever. I do find it interesting that she and Gavin try to act all lowkey and cool when they obviously spend loads of money on everything. I bet they secretly hang [out with The Beckhams and compare notes on their toys and clothes. How many strollers does one baby need? Kingston's latest stroller has lots of gold and definitely cost over $1,000. It's time for Gwen and Gavin to start getting involved in some charity. Brangelina needs to stage an intervention.

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I think that Gwen, Gavin and other star families are regular people. She has the money to buy what she wants for Kingston. Maybe you should focus on her new album or something other than how much money celebs spend.
P.S I love your site though, I just wish you posted more often.

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