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'Ana'/Not 'Ana' Vanity Fair Oscar Party

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Oh my pretty 'Ana' and Not 'Ana' starlets, Portia Di Rossi and Gretchen Mol. Well, Gretchen was pretty when she had blonde hair. At least she traded her stick-figure body in for a vuluptuos one. I guess that Bettie Page was a good influence on her. She is wearing a cute dress--if only her hair were a prettier hue. Apparently, Portia has taken on the stress of girlfriend Ellen Degeneres' Oscar hosting duties and has slid back into 'Analand' again. Ellen, please save your beloved before she loses any more weight. Her pretty midnight blue dress should be highlighting her lovely shoulders instead of her shoulder bones and ribs. Icky.

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Portia is scarily skinny, isn't she? Gross. Natural body padding is good. Soft curves are good.

I think Portia is sooo gorgeous... but she did look pretty skinny at the Oscars.

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