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Anna Nicole Smith is Gone

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How tragic is it that Anna Nicole Smith died today? She seemed to have spent a lot of her life drugged out (as seen on reality show) and I was always concerned that she would O.D. The cause of her death won't be determined until an autopsy has been done. Her attorney, Ron Raele said that she hasn't been well for the past few days and had cold and flu symptoms.

Sources say Smith was rushed to the hospital after being found unresponsive in her hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla., where she was staying with her companion, Howard K. Stern.

According to sources, 5- month-old Dannielynn Hope wasn't with Anna Nicole or Howard K. Stern when she died. She was allegedly being cared for by a close friend in the Bahamas.

..On Wednesday, a Los Angeles judge had ordered Smith, 39, and her 5-month-old daughter Dannielynn Hope to submit to a DNA test by Feb. 21. The test is tied to a paternity lawsuit filed by photographer Larry Birkhead, who claims he is Dannielynn's father. Smith's companion, Howard K. Stern, is listed as the infant's father on her birth certificate.

After the news of Smith's death, an emergency hearing was scheduled to occur in Los Angeles on Friday regarding the paternity of Dannielynn Hope, PEOPLE reports. Birkhead's attorney, Deborah Opri, wants to take a DNA swab from Smith's corpse, which Rale calls "the lowest form of behavior I've ever heard of." [Source]

Larry Birkhead should chill out for a minute. What's he going to do with a 5-month-old child anyway? He could have at least waited unitl tomorrow to deal with the paternity issue. May Anna Nicole Smith R.I.P.


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The life and death of Anna Nicole Smith is what great tragedies are made of. It's almost poetic. I wonder how long before the movie is made. Who will play Anna? Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, or Paris Hilton?

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