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Barbie Loves MAC and Henri Bendel

Part of: Fashion , NYC , Slice of Life , Sparkly , Travel
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Even though I tend to get lost and confused in Henri Bendel's, I often find something that I want to buy or see great fashion and makeup eye candy. As soon as I walked into Henri Bendel's (on my recent trip to NYC) I was treated to an amazing display that MAC had set up for their new "Barbie Loves MAC" collection. There were two real live girls with gorgeous technicolor makeup that only a makeup artist could pull off. (There were also some guys whose bodies were being painted but they weren't cute and were total works-in-progress.) It was a good omen for my shopping experience. I wandered around the department store dazed and confused--Henri Bendel's has oddly shaped areas with limited merchandise. Then I accidentaly struck gold. I ended up in the cashmere section which I never knew existed. The sweaters had just been marked down that day for the last time from $300 to $50. I even found two that fit and were good colors. I heart Henri Bendel.

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