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The Premonition

Part of: Fashion , Fugly , Gossip , Hollywood , Music
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I knew that something bad was going to happen to James Blunt in the company of Petra Nemcova when I caught sight of her hideous Oscar party makeup. She must have been really wasted to wear such a disgusting lipstick and to not wear enough powder or foundation. Her makeup is totally Mod Gone Wrong. The least she could have done was to wear some lip balm the nght before. Cracked lips are so not sexy. The Mistress of The Living Dead made James Blunt's car hit and run over an innocent autograph seeker's leg after the Vanity Fair party. WTF? Not only did Petra do that, but she even talked James into driving off after the incident. Now it has officially been classified as a "hit and run." Blunt's rep is insisting that the injured man 'was not a fan' and was in fact a paparazzi. who was invading James space. Yeah, so he deserved to be run over! However, James is willing to cooperate. Isn't that sweet of him? I hope that he's already dumped Petra.

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HE is a disaster. Are you serious that he showed up in nasty jeans and a leather jacket???!! Is that his, I am a singer and to cool to bother to dress decently look??? Shame. Act like a grown up for gods sake.

Ouch. Literally, even. `course, being a celebrity, he'll probably get away with it, but still...

that photo of the paparazzi that got run over is one of my favorites - ever. there ought to be a law that people are exempt from liability if they run over a pap. I don't know much about Petra but she got one thing right.

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